Jesus' Son: Stories. Denis Johnson

Jesus' Son: Stories

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Jesus' Son: Stories Denis Johnson
Publisher: Harper Perennial

The final story is the beautiful redemption of the heartbreak of the Garden and of Israel. In contrast to so many of the healing stories, the person in need of healing never asks for Jesus' help. In both of the stories we have today the great figures of faith are helping widows. Think about the parable of the Prodigal Son. The name of this collection comes from the Lou Reed song, Heroin. The poorest and most vulnerable of all, widows in these two stories receive the greatest gift of all – the return of their sons' lives, which meant the possibility of a future. A similar point is made in the Gospel where Jesus' word raises the dead son of a widow and the people proclaim 'a prophet has come among them'. Jesus sees her accompanying the funeral procession and is so moved by the sight that he brings her son back to life. Two of the wildest stories listed in the long list of One Story's recent list of top ten favorite short stories are from Denis Johnson's cult classic Jesus' Son. It is the gospel story, where Jesus, God's Son, proves faithful when humanity could not. A child-friendly, lyrically written book that weaves 44 Bible stories into a common tapestry that clearly shows God's plan for mankind.